Where Craftmanship meets nature


Crafting the path to your adventure

Handcrafted with 100% bamboo. Hummbu's Walking stick are lightweight and durable. Being a natural product ,each piece is unique in shape variation and texture.  Available in different colors and sizes. Includes removable camera mount ,compass top  and  tips. Every bamboo sticks are cured and treated and can outstand any weather and terrain. Our Tops, Tips and other components are designed and manufactured by Hummbu.

Our mission is to produce high quality Walking sticks, that have economic and social benefits to people around the world.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

The Sound of Bamboo

Hummbu's Phone Speaker/Amplifier, docking and charging station enables you to enjoy your music or video calls through passive natural sound amplification. Works for phones within 3.32" wide and 0.62" thick. 
Being a natural product, every pieces are unique and are available in its natural color or different shades.  Our Phone Amplifiers and its components are designed and manufactured by Hummbu.

Image by 王 大洪

Hummbu Bicycles

Our bicycle frames are handcrafted with bamboo and carbon fiber. They are light, elegant and great for the environment. Bamboo has a higher specific tensile strength than steel and absorbs four times more vibrations than carbon fiber frames,

 making our bikes ideal for long rides. Hummbu bicycles will be available in 2023. Road, Mountain bike and other models will be available in different sizes and styles.

Image by zoo_monkey